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Mountain house for sale

Mountain House for Sale   So gentle readers, the caulking, painting, graveling are finished. The damage from storm after storm is chainsawed and repaired...shall we sell this mother and hit the road? Ah, some of the ways we feel, when people like us are charged with keeping it real:     Donna the Buffalo, charged with keeping it real.

Don't want to be a pussy about it

  On Tuesday night we had a winter storm that dropped about a foot of very heavy, wet snow on  my mountain home in Charlottesville,Virginia. I know that some readers who stop by, from say parts of  Colorado that receive 100 feet of snow like clockwork will poo poo this storm, but I am trying to sell this house! I come out Wednesday morning and find these Spruce branches *inside* of my car.   I remove the branches, sweep away the broken glass from around the tires and head down the driveway to be blocked by this tree. Really not much of a tree, except we had just spent several thousand home insurance dollars All the Stuff That Didn't Happen  cleaning up major tree damage from the *wind* storm several weeks ago.   I head down my road to town and encounter this Loblolly Pine, not enough to block me, but enough to block trucks of any size, which leads to *no power for five days*. There are many elderly people on my county road. When we lose power, we not only l

All The Stuff That Didn't Happen

  In this holding pattern, I spend my days caulking and painting the house, shedding all that is not needed, getting ready to put it on the market and training yet another possible Chef Ted couple. I am being helped by Shortcut Willie. Willie owned a notorious bar here in Charlottesville's University district for 26 years. At 51, he married a babe 15 years younger than himself, and promptly had three children. Now 60, his divorce case is before, and I kid you not, THE VIRGINIA SUPREME COURT.Both sets of lawyers in this case are going to have new cars and braces for their kids, while these parents will hitchhike and their kids will have no teeth. Reduced to almost poverty by all this, this most talented handy man, does the work of an artisan carpenter on my everything from Lowe's house for $15.00 an hour. Somewhere I read that if the time is right, you will meet the people you are supposed to. Standing on ladders in the February chill, we have huge hoots together. We have ev