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No, I was not beheaded in Morocco

Uh, where were we? Oh yeah, Thanksgiving in Morocco 34 years ago. After what seemed like hours we approach our guide/host/new white slave master's(?) compound. Dogs start barking and he does a Moroccan yodel. Slowly small lantern lights start to come on in the house. There is much excited conversation in Arabic and eventually a barred door is opened. Dad has brought some foreign guests home at 4:00 AM, that he met on a bus, and now it is tea time. About a dozen girls and women, all veiled, start to set up an elaborate tea set, produced from Allah knows where and platters of sickly sweet sweets, dates and nuts.   sickly sweet, sweets   Outside, some of the women, I assume because of their age, two or three are his wives and the rest are the various female offspring, start putting brush, twigs and what appeared to be manure in an oven not unlike this one:   and START BAKING BREAD.   Dad begins to perform an elaborate tea ritual, pouring the steaming sugary mint