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Benjamin Franklin Eschelman CSA WA

If people didn't know about Charlottesville before, they sure do now. After the riot in Lee Park, I got to pondering if these monuments to the Lost Cause should be left up in public places? After all, the movement to restore the Kingdom of Hawaii has its own secessionist flag right here in my own back yard, some 4000 miles from Charlottesville. My family has had soldiers in all of the major wars up to Vietnam (even though I was too young, I was more interested in Woodstock than Vietnam). On my father's side in the Revolutionary War was Falvey Frazier, reportedly killing his brother, who was fighting for the Brits, in hand to hand combat at the  Battle of Yorktown 1781 .  On my mother's side there was  General James Giles  who in a convoluted way, we named our second son after and is today's guest blogger and tour guide. Seems our people were always siding with the rebels...first against Britain and then against the U.S. Government. I was born in the Capi