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Old Boys at Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall at the University of Virginia....a great customer to have!  Last Saturday night I catered a 300 person black tie fraternity's 160th birthday bash here at the University of Virginia's Alumni Hall. I was in a similar fraternity and know the drill well. If I can help it, I never privately, personally, freely, attend such events. I might make my living catering to this/my? crowd, but I would never voluntarily use my precious free time to attend as a guest such an event. There are other posts at this site in which I delve into the psychology of reunions. At half time of a sixteen hour day, I gloomily gazed across the crowd, a world in which inwardly I have little relation. I never really understood how literally thousands of people could be so enthralled with a institution...any institution. I mean high school etc. wasn't all that great. Until my gloomy gaze landed on George. George was a senior when I was an incoming freshman in 1976. He was crazier than a s