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Melvin Lorenzo Stinnie RIP

That is Melvin Lorenzo Stinnie in the middle, leading the Chef Ted crew on what was probably his 10,000th job working for/with me. It was Reunion Weekend 2013 on The University of Virginia's Lawn and the last time we worked together. Melvin left this world on July 9, 2015 at the age of 62. He was the paternal head of at least nine grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Sweet reader, if there was ever a man in this world that deserves eternal rest, it is one Melvin Lorenzo Stinnie. Melvin and I used to try and figure out when we first met but it is but a blurb in the past, damn close to 25 years ago as far as we could recall. Melvin was with me from the humble beginnings of Chef Ted Catering in the Tri-Delt house at UVa. His hard work and total dedication led from that humble beginning to epic catering jobs at such places as the Law School above. When Melvin's smiling face hit that door, people, dozens of people, would give this man heartfel