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Puerto Escondido

So after a month in Oaxaca City, we caught the Mexican version of the 'hound to the surfing beach town of Puerto Escondido. It was an eleven hour ride west through the super-scenic and mostly uninhabited mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre del Sur, replete with hair-pin curves and potholes, down to the beaches of the Oaxacan Pacific coast. We rented the ground floor studio apartment of this building for US $322 for the month. It was located in the Lazaro Cardenas neighborhood. Puerto Escondido is basically two towns separated by the regional Highway 200, which runs along the upper bluff of the beaches. Lazaro is in the upper town where most of the locals live and go about their business, seemingly unaware of Ted and Lilly. In the town below, known locally as the adoquin, most of the restaurants, hotels, bars are spread along a single touristy beachfront mall. (touristy, in a Mexican, surfer dude, sleepy beach town kind of way). This wall was about 6 inches fr

Well, What's Next?

Mexico is next! So to summarize the er, situation, when we were last checking in in May: Kalani had closed and Puna had been altered dramatically. I was wandering and pondering around the Big Island, living in my camper van Razorback One in various parks and driveway surfing in the entrances and yards of various friends. Sounds kinda grim for most folks, but I was loving living the anonymous life of a spy in the South Seas (spying on exactly what the reader may reasonably inquire). This reality had set in for me and I assume for most Kalani people: we were not on vacation waiting to return to Kalani. Kalani is dead. People wondered in their various ways " well, what's next?" Gradually, as the ohana realized that Kalani was closed permanently or at least  for the foreseeable future and the Puna as they/we had lived it, was, ahem, "modified" for decades to come, they/we drifted off. Maybe back to the mainland to some kind of vague and ambiguous "