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First Mainland Visit in ~Four Years

Getting Lei-ed on my 60th birthday After a few weeks of Hawaiian fresh air therapy, I settled in to write about my first time off the islands in almost four years. Time to visit the mainland. As I opened up the blog I could not help but notice that more and more time was passing between posts. So I clicked on my first post    Chef Ted Gettin Started  published on March 28, 2012 to see where my mind was at as I opened up Chef Ted's A Wanderin' and A Ponderin' On, or really long before that date, I had come to the decision that I didn't want to do what I was doing anymore. What with three children doing their thing, two contested divorces under my belt and the fact that the cool shabby chic college village of Charlottesville, one that I had first hung out in in high school, had disappeared into a booming metropolis with bus lines, ~700 restaurants and a Walmart. Although my catering business did fine right up until it's last day, the writing was on the