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Going Through Them Changes

The much ballyhooed Fissure # 8. It was about ~5 miles away as the crow flies, but hey, I ain't no crow.  "Them Changes" Buddy Miles It was a slow moving disaster and we had plenty of warnings. What, with losing your job, your home of five years, your community and the very earth that you live on. Ah, my old friend Mr. Impermanence pays a little visit again, just to keep me on my toes. My home for ~4 years as I prepare to move out. As far as the county of Hawaii knew, this was our chicken business on agriculturally zoned land. This E Ho Mai village housed about 35 people. I came to Kalanihonua on August 13, 2013 looking for a change. As you will remember dear reader, I had sold my business and home and ensconced to a yoga retreat center in the wilds of Hawaii. Kalani seemed like a cool enough place to work for a while until I figured out my next move. I actually came to the jungles of the Big Island for the job and thought I would sus out the