The Ox is Slow but the Earth is Patient. Old Chinese Proverb.

For those of you late to class, Ecuador has three major geographical divisions: jungles, mountains and volcanoes and the coastal regions. Leaving the jungle and mountain regions behind, we left Riobamba at 9035 feet altitude to head down to sea level and see what was up with some of the beaches in Ecuador. We found out that with a little effort you too can have some of them to yourself. Stopped in Ecuador's second largest city, Guayaquil for a couple of weeks to do some government work at the US Embassy and extend our visas at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Stretched out along the Guayas River is a large promenade that has a museum, entertainment, gardens, restaurants and river tours, The Guayas River has some type of plant mats floating on the surface; probably has something to do with nutrient run off. It was interesting to watch the tides change, the herbage pause and then head in the opposite direction. A gondola was built to ease car traffic to a residential area across the river; se

Tena Ecuador, The Gateway to the Amazon

After two months in Quito, we headed south east over the Andes down to the Amazon rainforest town of Tena. I thought that going from ~10,000 feet elevation to ~1500 would make breathing easier but the air became so soggy and humid that I was huffin' and puffin' there too. Tena is known for the rainforest and the many rivers, which are tributaries to the Amazon, that surround the town. As such, Tena has become a popular launching point for jungle, kayaking and rafting adventures. As Lilly browsed the various adventure companies, I watched a few YouTube clips of young people rafting down the rapids around Tena and honestly it was not something that would have been my first choice. Maybe a nature walk looking at medicinal plants, hon? We chose  Caveman Adventures  The owner sat down with us the day before to personalize the itinerary. Since this was my first (and quite frankly probably my last) whitewater adventure, my main concern was that I didn't want anyone counting on my