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Get Off the Bus and We Are in Europe.

I have previously heralded the quality of South American buses, and my we have sampled many. The upper deck is like Business Class on an airplane. There are phone chargers, movies and they stop occasionally for meal and #2 breaks (if you must). The scenery rolls by like your own private movie.  *Caveat Spoiler* Although they sell the seats as *full bed* they actually only go down to like 160 degrees. So by no means are you getting your bed at home. On long overnight trips, one gets better than nothing sleep. We left the wine country of Mendoza and statrted the ~15 hour trip, including one sunset and one sunrise, across the Pampas of Central Argentina to Buenos Aires. Instead we got off in, I don't know, Paris, somewhere is Spain or Italy? Headed to the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires,  San Telmo to this house that was built in 1897. Probably the financial Golden Age of Argentina. San Telmo started in the 17th century as an industrial area for brickmakers and seafarers. The cob

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