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Reiki, Saffron and Staph Infection

In the center, is Mary, 55, from Auburn, Maine. Mary is a physical therapist by profession, but by vocation is a Zero Balance practitioner and  Reiki energy worker. Maleah on the left, 19, an architectural student and Lindsay, 32, a second grade math teacher, accompanied us on this quest.  Mary and her visiting friend from the mainland, approached me a while ago and emphatically insisted that their treatment was mandatory for me. Unsolicited, they had felt something adrift in my auras. Since "energy" work is so ubiquitous here, why not take advantage of a session with people that had 30 years of experience in such matters? After all, my Christian indoctrination  as a young man taught about holy ghosts, halos/auras, visiting sprits in the form of angels, both good and bad, Jesus/God as light, and that if one prayed hard enough, one could feel His "energy". Isn't prayer really just a form of meditation? After all, in Mr. Shelor's  10th grade int