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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

So we said hasta pronto to San Cristobol de las Casas and boarded a shuttle bus at 7:00 AM. The driver drove around town for a while picking up gringos at various hotels and hostels and then hit highway 190. We headed south for several hours until we hit the Mexican border town of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc. The one thing I would recommend to geezers before starting a journey like this is to make bloody sure your bowels are good and empty. Sure, the shuttle bus makes pit stops every few hours, but if you have to force the driver to stop his hair raising passing of other vehicles on hair pin curves, you are going to be the star attraction on a busy and dangerous highway as you complete your ablutions. The bus let us off at Mexican Immigration where we were shaken down for US $26.16 for an "exit fee". We had already learned about this beforehand, as one actually pays this exit fee when you buy your air plane ticket to fly into Mexico. Word had it that if you present a breakdown