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Wandering Resumes

An alpine lake outside of McCall Idaho And after seven months of months of ponderin' the damage that Fissure # 8 had caused our Hawaii home, catching up with the ohana still hanging around and tending to and harvesting my friend's medicinal garden, it was time to ramble on. Started out by visiting my brother and his wife on Oahu's North Shore for several days. Even with no map or GPS, you'd a thunk that it would have been hard for us to get a little baffled about our exact whereabouts on a small hike in the mountains, but we figured out a way. A few more thirsty uphill miles that I would have preferred but we were still home for sunset Happy Hour on the North Shore. On our way to my son Giles' wedding to Lauren back in Virginia, we spent a week visiting son Hunter and future daughter in law Danielle in Boise, Idaho. Above I try on the new suit my Mom sent for a test run in front of their new digs in Boise. As some family members were uncon