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Chump Ted returns to Buddhist roots

  Bagan, Burma So about six weeks ago, I reported that I had found a potential buyer for my business. The two women produced a good product, seemed to have the means and were workers. We agreed that they would rent out my kitchen to try their hand at providing meal service for two sororities. At that time, while they were chatting in the kitchen and I was killing time in my office, I wrote a short blog of my time as a cook on Finucane Island ~1982   a Western Australia mining camp.Well, over the weeks I started to notice more catering jobs under the name of their new catering business. They were essentially starting a new business without the painful expense of putting in their own kitchen and signing a lease somewhere. Instead of taking the entrepreneurial  jump, they were using all of my accumulated gear, picking up tips from me and my employee for very little money. The rent money was generous and supportive because I thought they were preparing to take over my busin

Is napping a character flaw?

My most recent ex-wife, (ever seen the Dukes of Hazzard?)although my first ex-wife and mother of my children also had a problem with it as well, thought that having a little lie down was a character flaw in manliness. Daisy, in all honesty, did grow up as  a natural born Green county.....uh.... mountain girl. She used to say 'where I come from, real men don't take naps'. I used to inwardly think 'no, sister,.... they take naps, it might be behind the barn on the gator, but they take naps'. Say around 2:00 PM Monday, on the banks of the Rivanna. Get the pillows just right, the Shin-zu yoga mattress just right. Open doors for Rivanna riverside view. Fixate on the leaves doing their thing outside the window...and... night-night!