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Onward to Pokhara

 The Himalayan Annapurna Range's reflection in Lake Phewa, Pokhara, Nepal So after a few days in the suburbs of Kathmandu, Jaime, Bijen and Scabbs dropped us off in Thamel which is near Dubar Square, the oldest part of the city. Sure, the private  Everest Secondary School  is a quirky place for an Airbnb, so it would figure that it had quirky inspirational aphorisms scattered around the entrance. Remember back in the day when we would call those *help* centers that had been outsourced to India? Recall their often quirky take on the mother tongue? Well now you know that they possibly learned their English at a place like this. We were always relieved when it was not recess or dismissal time as we entered the compound to make our way across the courtyard. Because if it was one of those times, chaos would break out leaving me a tad wobbly and vertiginous. These very nice young ladies and gentlemen were nothing if not persistent as they clambered to practice their

Okhaldhunga, Nepal

After a night in Queens, we left JFK early for Kathmandu on Qatar Airlines. As gold card carrying perennial coach class members, we have experienced some really sucky flights from Hawaii over the years, including the last one on Alaska Airlines in the rear seats next to the bathroom with a sick Asian couple coughing on us, oh, say every six or seven minutes. So the first leg, JFK to Qatar was quite the payback. Brand new plane with wide seats that were surrounded by empty seats and plenty of legroom. Two full Indian style meals, with silverware, snacks and drink service (free quality booze as well, although as we had such a big  trip ahead of us we didn't imbibe) every few hours, more entertainment than one could watch and more. We laughed as we compared our Hawaii trips on United Airline's ageing fleet, non reclinable cramped seats in which you could pay to download entertainment on your cell phone and the sodium laden pretzel look a like snacks. The Qatar to Kathm