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A hui hou, Amanda

Since I don't have Facebook to emphasize how much fun I am having and how much it must suck to be you, I will create my own and write an ode to Amanda and our time together.       I have pondered a bit in previous posts about the transitory nature of this place in Hawaii I have wandered to. To refresh your memory gentle reader, at seven months of service, I am one of the longer term members of this rustic retreat center, in which there are ~135  "volunteers". The longest volunteer, not counting the founder, has been here 19 years, others around ~5 years. After about six months, most of us become some type of paid employee. Most of the "volunteers" pay ~$600 a month to work ~24 hours a week in the various departments. They in return get to hang out in, for God's sake, in an isolated part of paradise for relatively cheap. Great adventures can be and are had by most.     Most of the volunteers stay one to three months. I am now in my third cycl