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Jesus on Drums, God on Guitar

  Thanks for stopping by, you people from many countries, searching for who knows what, and ending up at Chef Ted's! In thanks, I would like to turn you on to artists you may not encounter every day. And what exactly does one do with a man like Seasick Steve  (I mean the dude is comfortable jamming with Jack White)? As this clip is over an hour, recorded at the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands recently, and if you are limited for time, check out my man pushin' broom at minute number ~44....maybe then you will want to dig the whole show. Jesus on Drums, God on Guitar

Thanks for the Christmas gift, Mom!

  Mom did her best not to give me anything  this year, which meant at least a $400 check, a tangerine some silly putty and beef jerky, amongst other things. But there was this book of poetry, by one James Kavanaugh that really caught my attention, in which she dedicated the book to me "as you begin to live the rest of your life" with this poem bookmarked: It makes no sense to my friends back home That a middle-aged man should want to roam. But I left the money and a share of fame And I called it quits in the business game; I left a house and a proper wife,      To begin to live the rest of my life. It makes no sense to my swinging friends That a middle aged man should begin again. So the stories grew and the rumors rolled As the tale of my madness was oft retold. But I can bear the gossip's knife      To begin to live the rest of my life. It makes no sense to society That a middle-aged m

Christmas in Boston

The familiar Charlottesville train station, December 23, 2012 5:00 AM If you are new here, thanks for stopping by. About three years ago, it dawned on me that I was in my mid fifties, 66% of my children were out in the *real world*, and I was living in a five bed room house that has empty voices and empty rooms, and although paid for, requires constant maintenance...something that I really enjoyed for many decades, but now, not so much. As far as my business, well I started scooping Rocky Road ice cream at Baskin Robbins 40 YEARS AGO. Charlottesville is constantly on the top ten lists of cool places to go to college, play music in, move to, retire to etc. As a byproduct, there is a constant stream of new, talented, and young chefs jumping into the food game here. Evidently, Charlottesville has more restaurants per capita than anywhere in the USA (477 in a town of ~100,000). The recession, the farm to table movement and the immigration of new talent all mean more work for old me