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Like ramblin' was a sin

     Elizabeth Hill's apartment complex in NOVA land. You people have not been on a roll in da Shagin Wagin in quite a while! For the past few winter months as I have been tied up with tree damage to the house, listing the house and other boring *sticks and bricks* issues. I had not seen my about to be 26 eldest son since Christmas, so I went a visiting to this apartment/condo complex. He recently moved closer to Washington DC to gain some of the advantages of big city life that were lacking in his last residence due to distance. His particular building is amongst thousands, hundreds of thousands, heck, maybe millions of town houses that populate the area known as Northern Virginia. As we took the 45 minute Metro ride to the hipper than thou DC neighborhoods of Georgetown and Adams Morgan, out of the window, it looked like tens of thousands of new townhouses were going up on every square inch.  See any other stealth campers in the parking lot? I think not.

I think Ted just joined a cult in Hawaii.

 Volunteer enjoys a coconut in front of the A-frame living quarters at Kalani  In yesterday's post Tedious work is the path to enlightenment? I detail how in looking for seasonal jobs at I stumbled upon a ~volunteer position at Ratna Ling that provided the physically demanding, tedious and boring job of binding Tibetan Holy books for 40+ hours a week, and then on Saturday, everyone worked on the grounds doing "community service". Sunday was for "chores and laundry". In exchange, the center offered great food, living quarters, 120 acres in northern California and classes in yoga and Buddhist doctrine. It kinda seemed to me like *TOO MUCH WORK*, even if this tedious labor did offer plenty of time to become one with the toil. Frankly, I am more interested in self-examining while *NOT WORKING* And then I find the Kalani Retreat Center  on the big island of Hawaii. Hmmmmm...can you put pontoons on da Shaggin' Wagin? I do the sa

Tedious work is the path to enlightenment?

Waiting, waiting, waiting. We have had interest in the house but no bites yet. So like a lot of my blogs, the genesis arises from dreaming about future meaningful adventure in front of a computer screen, while your already paltry intended final net worth shrivels by 60%. There is nothing like the capitalistic system to cheer you up when it judges that your business is a garage sale and your house lacks "that new home feel".  Lacks "new home feel", huh? One of the sites I go to is This site has jobs for presumably young folks with a cash flow problem, looking for adventure on cruise ships, bus drivers in national parks, fly fishing instructors at lodges in Alaska, seasonal positions on dude ranch's, etc. They have one section however, and I cringe to even say this could even apply to me, is jobs for "the older and bolder" Coolworks Older and Bolder .They offer the same sort of jobs, but more suited to the older worker in as such

Venus Child Has a New Venture

I really don't know what good could come of this post, but here goes, because this blog exists to bear witness. I first met Venus Child when she was 19 on an undisclosed island off the coast of Maine, where we were both working in restaurants for the summer. Good people, what a trip, this young lady was! It is suffice to say, she made my summer magic on that island. We would walk and walk in the moors, and I would talk and talk. Probably should have listened more. We made several attempts to connect again, but alas, I was off chasing castles in Spain, and being ahead of her time, Venus Child was opening one of the first *organic health food stores* smack dab in the middle of urban Philadelphia. I never really talked to her again until recently, as she reports this new business venture from Colorado Springs, Colorado, again ahead of her time on the healing arts side of things. Venus Child reports that 35 years later, she has lyrically moved in and out of mainstream to fringe. And of