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Retire early on $5500 a year!

I was reading Robert Bell's latest post on his blog, Living Stingy,  Living on $7000 a Year?   He supposes that it is impossible to live in the United States on $7000 a year...maybe in Africa, but not in the USA. At his blog site Mr. Bell is able to use the Google Blog Analytics to see what search words people use and eventually end up at his blog, or in this case another website that sells a $17.95 book that promises the path to extreme early retirement on $7000 a year. As you can imagine both sites are quite popular..... alas, the latter site is specious, spurious and pure bullshit, but popular. If you wish, you may read the entire article as Mr. Bell always does a stellar job of exposing bullshit, sophistry and the incredible stupid behavior by the general population  idiots.  In the article, Mr Bell, a patent attorney, self-admitted mistake maker in early adulthood and part time RVer, honestly states that he has no interest in living on even ten times that amount becau