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Where did the Lava go?

This building you may recognize from the news accounts on CNN that put shabby little ole Pahoa on the international map. In an effort to make the June 27 lava threatening to set Pahoa on fire seem even more threatening, it showed loop after loop of this building ablaze. What they didn't mention was that the old barn had been abandoned for years, was in a pasture on the outskirts of town and had been stripped of every last thing of value. But as these pictures show, it was a black beast to be considered when it is plotting and a scheming in your back yard. burnt the warning sign and all To recap from other posts: T he Pu ʻ u   ʻ Ō ʻ ō eruption began when fissures split the ground in the remote  rainforest   of the eastern rift zone of Kilauea volcano, birthplace of Pele, the most active volcano in Hawaii and the centerpiece of Volcano National Park. By June 1983, the activity had strengthened and localized to the Pu ʻ u   ʻ Ō ʻ ō vent. Over the next three years,