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This Bud's For You!

I recently went with my friend Jacques to visit our friend Jeffrey, who had recently left Kalani to live in the deep jungle with a friend of all of ours, the infamous, brilliant and amiably cantankerous Bud.  We came to a locked chain blocking the jungle road beneath these signs. After re-locking the chain...effectively locking ourselves in, we continued on for about a half mile and stopped Matilda here. "Hey Jacques, that seems like Bud's compound up there in the clearing" Bud has an encyclopedic knowledge of, well, everything, but in this case it is all things plants, horticulture and permaculture. Bud is slowing down a bit, so Jeffrey has come on board to straighten up the place and propagate various plants around the property.  When he is not aimlessly wandering around or pissing away a day at the public library. Bud worked at Kalani as well as the  Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens  in Papaikou off the old Mamalahoa Highway. Some of the veget