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56 trips around the sun

On or about the marking of the beginning of my 57th trip around the sun, I thought what better way to celebrate, but to go zip lining with these Kalani volunteers? We drove north of Hilo to an old sugar cane complex and to this series of waterfalls. The falls are bigger than they look from the faraway shot...glad the cable was tested to hold 28,000 pounds of weight. The crew makes the trip across this bridge to the first of the nine jumps.   The guides could get up to 62mph; we averaged about 40.     If you are interested in Umauma Falls,google the above sign!     In other news, Launi, 32, a former restaurant owner and from somewhere in Canada where the Eskimos live, watches Lily begin a headstand on Sid's back. Sid, 38, a traveler from a distant galaxy but originally from Istanbul, had complained of lower back pain and Lily decided that this was the thing to do.                             A day trip to one of the "beaches" around H

Caroline comes for a visit

Aloha people! We continue to express gratitude to Madam Pele for this opportunity to live and adventure in and on her birthplace. It continues to be one of the best years of my life. Please find enclosed some photos of what we have been up to for the past several months:   My daughter, the always lovely and poised Caroline Leake, recently came for a ten day visit. Here is her first day at Kehena Beach.      After a seventeen hour flight from Charlottesville and landing in Hilo, this was her first view of the Puna coastline Hawaii. Caroline's first morning in Hawaii. Starting to think that she might be able to adjust to this lifestyle.   But first, a few shots of what the chef formally known as Ted has been up to. We had an excellent Mother's Day Dinner featuring the above menu. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!   I handled the Prime Rib and Mariana here prepares her organic Kalani made seitan. You have met Marianna before in other posts; she is