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Just letting it all slowly sink in

It has been a week and I am still having a problem with remembering ~120 names. I am also still getting a little lost, especially at night. The group I have the biggest problem remembering is the group of twenty somethings that work in the kitchen; dressed in yoga clothes, Crocs and the required colorful bandanna as head gear. Unless they have a whole arm covered in tattoos, then they can appear to me to be the same person. Once I work with someone, have a class or event, then I get the name down, but it is taking time. There is some kind of class or event every night, ranging from beginning hula, open mike night, burlesque, Hawaiian studies, ecstatic dance, intuitive aquatic movement and the Meridian tapping circle. It is a little unnerving, walking through these jungle paths, all kinds of night birds and critters chirping away, under a billion stars, and have someone say "are you looking for your cabana, Ted?" This helpful inquiry comes from the jungle darkness; they s

After all the planning, Aloha for real

Aloha for real The Care Bear stops by for a hug on departure day    We made it: Honolulu airport  Mandy picked me up in Hilo and we gassed up the Kalani van somewhere on the Puna coast  A place called the Point across the street from our driveway  Coastal Road 11 to Pahoa  Coconuts, Bananas, Papayas, Passion Fruit, and many other fruits that I have never heard of abound on the property  Might make some guacamole one night  You have been warned  A reclining Buddha A pondering Buddha   Chef Kenny's menu  What Chef Kenny's menu looks like  Ti leaves are used in Hawaiian ceremonies and steaming fish  My temporary quarters; USPS has lost my gear The Ohana (the Kalani extended family) celebrates the full (and blue) moon with a drum circle at the Point  Some volunteers decorate their hales (living areas) with lava gardens Bathrooms and Showers   Pool, thanks for stopping by   No decent cell

Ode to da Shaggin Wagin (fare thee well)

 One of my favorite napping/reading/pondering places recently, down by the Rivanna River here in Charlottesville's Darden Towe Park. Odometer broke at ~247,000 miles, four years ago. We went on some rolls, me and you lady...camping with the kids, music festivals, parks of all description etc....alas, there was a proper paucity of shagging though. The ladies weren't exactly lining up to go camping with Chef Ted in a 1992 Turtle Top Conversion van...maybe I haven't found the right one yet.  Nary a bite at $2500.00 on Craig's List So the Subaru sold a few weeks ago and I was down to three keys: two for da Shagin Wagin and one for the former Shimmy club. Everything else I own is in a bank account, in a duffle bag, shipped off to Hawaii, or given away to family, friends or fools. As of today I will have no keys in this earthly world. Meet da Shaggin Wagin (the test rig) As I signed over the title, I noticed that it was almost four years to the day

Conversations, Fine Restaurants and Ghosts in Kansas City

  My stepfather Billy and my Mom celebrate my first visit to the Mid-West in 11 years. Here we are at Sebastienne's in the Kansas City Kemper Modern Art museum. That is Sebastienne behind me. The menu at Sebastienne's; I had swordfish with a Mexican twist that was awesome! On our way to the Blue Bird Bistro in a offbeat Mexican/Hipster neighborhood, we stopped at this overpass to catch a glimpse of downtown Kansas City. Blue Bird, decades ahead of its time, produces hearty farm to table fare, served with no BS. After dinner one night, we adjourned to this 4 seat bar in their basement. It was built in ~1925, a time when people thought such a thing was a good idea. Nowadays I guess people don't want to get drunk in the basement, as Mom and Billy said they had only drank in it several times in 36 years. Oh, that ain't iced tea in our glasses. and then....and then the phone rang for the first time since ~1925! Billy answered it and

My South Dakota Address

A big sky arrival in Rapid City, South Dakota   When one is considering becoming home free, one has to chose, in the parlance of those of us who don't "live" anywhere, a domicile state. I basically made my decision because of the majority of the full-timers I *know* on line chose it. Most full timers choose Florida, Texas or South Dakota. Each has its advantages/disadvantages, but South Dakota offers no state income tax, only 3% sales tax, you don't have to return for jury duty, you can register your rig by mail...and you don't have to live there (I actually look forward to returning one day to check out those badlands). DMV makes it incredibly easy to become a resident, if you have all the necessary paperwork...the Patriot Act is a real pain to full time travelers. It took literally about 12 minutes for me...the Virginia DMV might consider some lessons in efficiency from them.  After much on line research (30 minutes) I have joined a maili

A Muddy Visit with the Tribe

There is something, and I can't quite put my finger on it, what, tragic? grand-dadish? sad? tribal? about an older man obviously and eagerly all dressed up/prepared, reviewing the three day schedule, as he waits to go festing with his mates: Tilly hat, sunglasses, politically correct Klean Cup for beers hooked to the belt with a fastener especially made for that purpose, sunscreen, camera and white socks pulled safely all the way up. So another year has come and gone since last year's Floyd Fest: What's the deal with you and these music festivals?  As I await my departure for Hawaii on August 19, I decided to go a week early this year. I spent a few nights in the National Forest Campground Lake Sherando, admiring the ~1933 work of those young, poor, unemployed, but intrepid super US park builders, the  Civilian Conservation Corps  I pondered how those on today's endless unemployment benefits and lifelong food stamp programs would fare dynamiting H