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Green Sands Beach and the Christmas Parade

Merry Christmas from the Pahoa Parade! Despite two lava flows brushing up against one of the main streets, the show must go on. Those Noni leaves on my shoulders are going to cure something but I forget what. LJ, our general manager at Kalani, helps prepare our float. You have met Jaimie many times on this blog and meet her new friend Brenden, 34, originally from Dallas and most recently a chef in the molecular cooking world of Manhattan, as they wait for the festivities to begin. We are all flying together to Maui on January 8 to see Leftover Salmon, who are playing four days in a row at a coffee plantation there. Anyone want to join us? Details here:   Leftover Salmon Maui Having been to the Big Island's black and white sand beaches, it was time for a green sand beach. Across Nebraska again to South Point. (gotta love the grass fed beef here in Hawaii). The hike across these hills of ancient eroded volcano ash from Mauna Loa from South Point is 2.

Hans Runs Away to Join Our Cult

EXCURSUS ON TIME AS PRESENTED BY OUR HERO: HANS COSTORP During my 16 months here I have had the opportunity to meet a perfectly ordinary young man. Hans Costorp is from Hamburg, Germany and was visiting a friend here for a few weeks and was due to start a career as a nautical engineer at a venerable firm that was founded by his great great grandfather in 1810. He has been here seven years now. One Hans Costorp, our dependable hero. Here for good. Our hero had long since lost track of where else he might go, and who was no longer even capable of forming the thought of a return to the mainland (Hans Costorp referred to anyplace outside of the bubble of Kalani, including Germany, as the mainland). The thing I am most grateful for about living 16 months at a retreat center in the jungle of Hawaii, under what can only be construed as simple and rustic circumstance, is the free time one has to think about things. Sometimes, when the power goes out for an extended period,

Hurricane Iselle, Massage and Air B&B

On August 7, Hurricane Iselle, the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii in recorded history, well, made landfall. We had had plenty of warning and Kalani was ready. All tents and tarps were struck, water and generators were trucked in. Soon the power went out and would stay out for another two weeks. It made for a surreal two days, since we basically live outside and all, with torrential rains, howling winds, falling trees and giant waves in the ocean. As a result of this community's preparation, it really ended up being no worse for us than hurricanes on the East Coast. Great food continued to be served by generator on time. Above, we wake up to begin to inspect the neighborhood. My old tentsite with the hatches battened down.  Brien 21, from Brisbane, OZ and Alyssa 20, from Long Island and two of my chess partners, checkout a tent in the early AM. There was widespread tree damage on the island, mostly from the introduced and