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Whoa! That Last Step is a Doozy!

In July, I pondered if I had anything left to blog about as far as notable adventures were concerned as their frequency had dramatically fallen off and I pondered life as a local. Yay! I do now.  I just wandered over to Kaua'i for ~ 10 days. But before we begin, first a little remedial Hawaiian Island geology: The Hawaiian Emperor Island Chain is a mostly underwater archipelago that stretches over a vast area of the north Pacific and includes brand new islands, dead and dying islands, atolls, reefs, shallow banks, shoals, seamounts etcetera. The particular energy source that causes these islands to exist, emanating from the center of the Earth, is a stationary and poorly understood "hotspot" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (there are others, most notably the one under Yellowstone National Park). Imagine if you will, a gigantic geological blow torch. As the Pacific tectonic plate moves northwest at a speed of ~4 inches a year, the heat from the hotspot melt