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People Also Disappear Here

Old Man Winter has arrived on the Puna coast, which means rain. A little double rainbow to start the day Joseph on the left, a reformed pastry chef from Germany, giant bonfire builder and co-mayor of upper tentland with Tim, a retired fireman and grief counselor from the Bay area, solar expert and off grid liver as well as co-mayor with Joseph, survey their ward as the constituents meander by, going about the routines of their new jungle life.  So I just passed the two and a half month mark living in a tent at a retreat center in an isolated part of the Big Island Hawaii. What to make of it? In a previous post, I mentioned how time is different here. Sometimes it speeds up, sometimes it slows to a crawl...hence two months can alternatively feel like two days or two years. People also disappear. They literally go POOF! Of course guests are coming and going all the time, most stay for a one week workshop, although some of the in training yoga and massage guests stay as long

Left on Red Road

I thought that I would do something a little different today. I decided to go a wanderin with no particular destination. The biggest decision of the day was whether to take a left or a right at the end of the driveway. Left onto the Red Road it was Eventually, I came across Secret Beach. There are chest deep pools in those rocks over there, where it is safe to sit and have the waves break on top of you. I was the only soul here for over three hours. Me and the little fishies. Coral noun on Secret beach Doris, a financial adviser from Germany, who also has a secret healing talent that she kept secret from her friends and family most of her life, because talk of spirits scared them. She invited three of us to go snorkeling in this tidal pool, some 15 miles from Kalani Ted takes a shot of Teri taking a shot of Abby, a new volunteer and landscape architect from Austin. There was lots of tropical coral formations and reef fish here. and Teri, from Manitoba, a