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Maybe I Had the Wrong House?

I had this kind of weird, slightly disturbing, but yet highly amusing situation happen to me on Friday. It was weird because it was a human moment that involved involuntary false assumptions and dead wrong perceptions of a harmless situation. I have suggested that there exist sticky situations, particularly those for which one has volunteered, that for all the risks involved are ultimately exhilarating, even life enhancing. There are others, usually unbidden, that are merely creepy. Although one survives them, one feels violated by them and they leave a bad taste in one’s mouth My girlfriend of several months Rain and I had made plans to see each other after she got off work and we would have her awesome to have house to ourselves for several hours, a rare treat when you live in a community. About an hour before I was to be at her house I drove down our two lane road to the country store to get a snack and do the right thing and pick up the always in demand twelve pack

A Hawaiian Celebration of Life

Everyone knew Charles at Kalani . Or did they?  I have no idea what Charles' actual personality "disorder" was, if there was one, but words like savant, maybe autistic come to mind. Basically he was extremely brilliant but did not make eye contact, much less meaningless small talk. However if you asked him a question, he bubbled forth a world of knowledge: position of various galaxies in Hawaii, porn stars that had visited Kalani decades ago, New Orleans food and music, everything golf, hell he even knew the details of a breaking scandal that happened at the tony Glenmore Counrty Club back home in Charlottesville. Charles had many responsibilities in his main job in the kitchen, but his hobby of sorts, well, science project of sorts, where he excelled, was in fermentation projects: making pickles, chow chow,  jardiniere. sauerkraut, kim chee. The pro-biotic tribe loved him. He also drove the vans to pick up guests and incoming volunteers. I have heard

Rock Happy in Whyee

I was sitting at a restaurant in town the other day with Peewee and Rain. Peewee was trying to decide whether he should leave Puna and go help out at his uncle's bakery in Maui. What's wrong, ya? Peewee asked Rain. "I smell a bait and switch. What happened to our honey?" Rain dropped her English Muffin with sticky fingers and instead of licking them, she wiped them on her napkin. When I tasted it, I knew why. It sure looked like a cost cutting move by management, to replace our local honey with the Chinese honey that came in five gallon pails and was poured into squirt bottles.The stuff was vile, with the ghastly sickly-sweet industrial taste of the Chinese corn syrup that had been used to adulterate it. Peewee said "they no get get Opihikao honey no more."  Why did that the name of that area ring a bell?  "Shipman place on Opihikao Road. Me, Rain and  Jen Rasmussen  caretakers now" said Peewee. "We take over after they f