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Want to Go Camping with this Motley Crew?

Whew! Sweet Reader, what a show I stumbled on when I chose to live on Kilauea Volcano!  I am working on a blog detailing the closing of Kalani and the the destruction of Lower Puna that continues as I write to you from the Laupahoehoe library. I have been living in my camper van with 4 chefs and other motley crew members from Kalani as we ponder our next move and watch Pele dance a dance that changes by the hour. It all has such a surreal aura about it, I thought I would re-post this blog from a few years ago, as I camp in a very weird (but safe) situation.  Now, where am I again? Recently a young woman named Angela and I went on a camping trip to an isolated valley in the north part of the Big Island. As we were walking along the stream things began to change in the most uncanny of ways. We came upon a village of about twenty adobe houses, which looking back, should have been our first clue that we were entering another vortex because Hawaii doesn’t have adobe h