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The Cows of Medellín

We landed on the 17th floor in the hilly Sabaneta neighborhood. We had toyed with the idea of taking the ~one hour flight from Cartagena to Medellín but chose the bus instead as the Mexican and South American bus systems are in a whole different league than ridin' da hound in the USA. The buses are new, gigantic and the seats are quite a bit larger than those in the cheap seat section of the airlines. For short flights, one must also consider the hassle/wasted time of checking in at the airport and what that entails.  The buses stop at local restaurants for an hour here and there, there is wi-fi, sometimes very loud telenovelas on the box and you get to leisurely watch the scenery roll by. All things considered and being in no particular hurry, we went with Autobus Expresso Brasilia for the 391 mile journey. The voyage ended up taking seventeen hours, about seven hours too long, due largely to an extremely clogged, one way up, one way down, mountain pass.  Got to see a bit of rural

Cartagena Colombia

Decided to check out the view on the southern boundary of the Caribbean from the Crespo neighborhood in Cartagena Colombia. A "visa run" is the term nomads use for the process of leaving one country and going to another in order to reset/ renew a wanderer's visa for the original country. It is really a matter of going to another country, for even a day, and getting the necessary exit and re-entry immigration stamps. In smaller countries, travelers might just catch the bus between say Thailand and Cambodia and return that afternoon. Others take the usually offered three month visa and explore the "run to" country before returning to home base. After six months in Mexico it was time for us to make a visa run. As far as tourist visas go, Mexico is very generous in that they grant a six month tourist visa on arrival with no questions asked. On the other hand, a place like Thailand offers just a month, which you can renew for an additional two months, if you are will