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Why A Friend's Son Is Not Going Back to Jail

  A few years ago, the underage son of a friend of mine went to Virginia Beach for high school beach week. After drinking heavily for oh, fourteen hours, and after he had pissed off all thirteen of his buddies, he hit the busy spring break bar scene by himself. He wandered into the Cadillac Reggae/Hip Hop bar, ordered a double Jagermeister, laid all the cash he had for the week on the bar, and told the bartender and anybody who would listen that "there was plenty more where that came from", which of course is when the lights went out. Cordell is telling me this story last weekend as we are returning from a catering job, having the leisure of a 45 minute drive for a 45 minute story. Although I was aware that the weekend hadn't gone well for him: black eye from the cops, multiple charges, six days in the Virginia Beach Jail, which is more than well equipped to handle gang bangers, drunk special forces guys and everything in between. I just didn't know the extent