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Roadtrip to Maui

Sometimes, not enough happens in Paradise, existentially speaking, to warrant a post with lofty contemplations. Thus so, maybe it is time to take a couple of months to ponder nothing and just live in the permanent now, because, well, you can. So I present pics, note and comment on these winter months on the Big Island. Actually, this time, it is not the Big Island at all, but a road trip to Maui. Specifically, Honolua Bay. Like O'ahu's famed North Shore, Honolua Bay is a surfer's dream, It too, faces northwest and when it catches the winter swells, it has some of the gnarliest surfing anywhere in the world. The land fronting Honolua Bay is owned by Maui Land and Pineapple Company and quite a bit of sugarcane is still grown, as in the background to the beach. Which leads to the various claims on the Hawaii Islands as to who owns exactly what. Surfing and tourism continue on though. I have really tried to like Hawaiian derivative m