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Last Marathon Job of the Career

University of Virginia Law School In the middle of May, I wrapped up the last big job of my career. These are some shots of Reunion Weekend at the University of Virginia's Law School. We basically live there for three days. Breakfasts, Luncheons, Receptions, Champagne Receptions, Coffee Breaks, Brunches for hundreds and hundreds. Sweet People, a thousand things have to go right at this gig. Special shout out to Frankie and the two Anthony(s) for providing me with the hard working students that "made it happen". Big enough event for us to rent a refrigerated truck!  Thanks so much to everyone at the UVA Law School and Law School Foundation for letting me do my thing for twenty years! What, was it Laura who said, "with Chef Ted we never know what we are going to get". In the high end catering world, one is rarely granted such freedom. I should mention all the names of all the people who hired me/chatted with me in the various departments, but